improving your digital footprint

What is the effect of having a negative digital footprint?

 Digital footprint has negative effects, this is because it can effect your future when you apply for jobs/university/college they can research you and read anything you have posted online or what you have researched, and if you had deleted anything off a social networking site it will always be there even if you can’t see it, its always there and this could cause you to have your application rejected. Other negative effects are that when you put passwords into the internet many people can access these and ‘hack’ any of your accounts,so you also have to make sure websites are safe that you access.

what you can do to have a positive digital footprint?

By having a positive digital footprint you could make sure the things you post online and research are suitable and appropriate so that it does not create any negative effects in your future and it doesn’t come back to ‘haunt’ you. Also to have a positive digital footprint you could not give your password out to anyone or put it out online so that nobody can hack your accounts or get any of your personal details. Also control what you post online so that nothing looks negative or suspicious that it is unsuitable to any software or website.

How you could improve your digital footprint even more.

To improve your digital footprint you could not visit websites that you don’t need to, for example use Facebook/twitter less as its not as important and it just leaves more traces of your digital footprint. Also you could just visit websites or use the internet safely and not add any passwords or important details so that people will not get your details as there will be no trace of your details on the internet which means its safer for you too.
Improving your digital footprint could also mean not posting unacceptable things across the internet so that your future is not effected for your jobs and university/college applications. To improve your digital footprint try avoiding websites you don’t recognize or know because this could ‘con’ you into your details which could be shared world wide, or could possibly be a ‘hacker’ who could ‘steal’ your details/passwords/emails. By avoiding these you could block website pop ups showing or ‘add-on’s’ which could cause virus’ which contain the hackers. By doing this it improves digital footprint as less data will be on the website about you because you have blocked things getting any personal details ( accounts) that you have saved on websites. Also reduce your digital footprint by only giving your details out to safe/private and trustworthy websites, this could you be your bank accounts such as Natwest, Halifax, Lloyd tsb. etc. As their website makes it private.

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